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About Us

Office/Warehouse 33619

Who we are​

At Faulkenburg Centre, we cater to a variety of business types and sizes.  Whether you're a new venture looking to move from your home or an established business, we have solutions to meet your specific needs.

For Lease

Office/Warehouse 33619


Our center offers 2 base office/warehouse options of 875 or 1,000 square feet.  The interior of the units will vary from unit to unit so contact us for further details.

Warehouse 33619


​Our center includes twenty five 625 square foot warehouse/storage spaces for your storage needs.

Rental Options Available:

Office/Warehouse 33619

             1,000 Square Foot


Office/Warehouse 33619

              875 Square Foot 


Storage 33619

                    625 Square Foot


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